5 advanteges of buying used cranes

If you just won a construction bid or are embarking on a large building project, you likely need a crane to hoist beams and/or lift heavy building materials into place. The mechanics behind the crane have been used since the days of the Ancient Egyptians, and this basic piece of construction equipment is still invaluable today. You may be wondering whether it makes more sense to buy a used or brand new crane for your project.

While buying a new crane can be a good idea, there are many good reasons to buy a used crane for your construction project. You may want to consider the cost of buying a new crane and the amount of project you want to embark on before buying that new crane. And cost aside, with so much quality used crane for sale on the market at any given time, there’s really no need to buy new. Here’s a look at 5 big advantages to buying used cranes over new ones according to rbauction.

1. It is cheaper
Buying a new crane is a significant investment that can easily eat up your money. It is true that you will have a brand new crane, but it is not worth it if you will just use it in one or two projects only. Instead, buying a second hand or used crane is the better choice. You don’t have to spend as much as when you buy a new crane. Getting a used one will be less expensive and will definitely save more money for you.

2. Avoid initial depreciation
New cranes and trucks are no different than new cars in that the minute you drive them off the lot, they depreciate in value – as much as 10 to 20 per cent in the first 12 months. Buy a used crane will help you avoiding that initial depreciation, compare to buy a new one.

3. Used crane holds its value
Although used equipment such as crane has depreciated, it can hold its value if it’s well-maintained. When it’s time to sell your crane, it’s actually possible to get close to what you paid if you sell at the right time, to a market where your equipment is in demand. So stick to a regular maintenance schedule of your crane, and document all service and repairs for future buyers to see.

4. More choice
The global used equipment market is massive, to say the least. And that’s good news for buyers. That means more choice of equipment than any one brand could ever offer. Whether you’re looking for construction, transportation, mining, oil & gas, or farm equipment, there are literally thousands of items available for sale at any given time around the world. You do not have to place your order and waiting for your crane to be manufactured for you. Instead, you can buy it instantly in your nearest crane dealer.

5. More flexibility
Buying used crane offers a certain degree of flexibility for your business compared to buying a new one. If you have short term contracts, it will be more profitable to buy a used crane other than renting or buying a new one. Buying new can mean long wait times for equipment orders and a significant loss in value from the time you buy to the time you sell.